Karen Life and Culture Workshop

Ara Moo
Sun 30th May 10 6:42 pm

On Sunday the 30th of May we had a workshop in Leenane Co Galway about Karen Life and Culture. Po Kweh and Paw Shee Hta spoke to eleven students on the Development Perspectives programme as part of an intercultural weekend. We were joined by Saw Tun. I played Karen songs and traditional Irish songs on my guitar. Saw Tun answered questions about Karen life. After the class we ate pasta together. Later we visited the museum in Leenane and saw a weaving loom and spinning wheels. They were just like one ones we had in Burma. We saw pictures of sheep with four horns and we saw real sheep with long hair and curly horns. Finally we visited the waterfall and took some photos before we went home to have dinner with Gay Nay Shee. It was delicious. Everybody Enjoyed the day.

Ara Moo

Ara Moo and Po Kweh


Teachar Paw





spinning wheel

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