New Life In Ireland for Mu Lay

Mu Lay
Sun 14th February 10 6:07 pm

I came to Ireland on December 5th 2007. I was very excited to see this new country. I thought it is very beautiful. Everything was very new to me and very different from the Thai Burma border. I went shopping and I didn't recognise any of the food. I didn't know what I would eat. Now it is better and I have learned a lot.

I remember seeing snow for the first time in my life that winter. 

Irish people looked very different to me. I wanted to learn all about this new country and make friends. I am very happy to be here with my family and my life is very comfortable. I have a lot of hope for the future. The people I have met here are very kind. I hope to go to college and learn about many things. I will also visit my friends around the world. 

Traditional Karen clothes

My Family

My niece

With some Irish friends, Jacqui, Margaret and Phaw Shee Hta

On holiday in the Cooley Mountains February 2010

My best friends Takaw Paw, me and Phaw Shee Hta

On holiday in King Johns Castle, Carlingford

My best friend Takaw Paw

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