Mu Lay and Phaw Shee Hta Holiday in Dundalk

Phaw Shee Hta
Sun 14th February 10 1:32 pm

In February 2010 we went to visit our friends Margaret, Andrew, Jacqui and Luna in Dundalk. We talked about Irish history and culture and visited lots of nice places. We also taught Margaret and Andrew a lot of Karen stories and culture.

The first place we went to visit was Dundalk Institute of Technology. Margaret gave us a tour of the library, the different buildings and told us all about the different students at the college.

At the library in Dundalk College

Mu Lay and Phaw Shee Taw at Dundalk College.

Then we went to the home of her mother in law to say hello. She was a very nice women.

After that we went to Margaret's house and met Luna the cat. She has very long fur which is different from cats in Burma.

That evening we cooked Mu Lay's special noodles in the Karen style while Paw Shee Hta and Andrew talked about Karen history.

Finally we watched a film called Moving to Mars about two Karen families moving from Mae La Camp to Sheffield. This movie is nice and a little funny. It reminded us of moving to Mayo. 

The next day we toured the Cooley Mountains. We saw the Irish border and learned about the story of the English rule in Ireland. From high up in the mountains we could see the Irish Sea, Newry to the north and Carlingford to the South.

Jacqui, Mu Lay, Phaw Shee Hta and Margaret

View of Warrenpoint from Flagstaff


Phaw Shee Hta and Andrew at Flagstaff.


Then we travelled to carlingford Village to see King Johns Castle and have some lunch.

King Johns Castle

King John's Castle

Carlingford Lough

Map of Cooley


Then we returned to Dundalk and worked on the Karen Ireland website. Paw Shee Taw made a very nice dinner with her own special recipie.





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