Failte Isteach

Phaw Shee Hta
Sun 14th February 10 12:43 pm

On the 12th of February the Castlebar English Conversation group and their tutors travel to Dublin to meet the President of Ireland, Mary McAleese.

We met many politicians and community leaders working with Failte Isteach.

Saw Tun and Phaw Shee Taw with government officials

Saw Tun and Phaw Shee Taw with Martina from UNHCR and Irish Government. She came to Ban Don Yang Camp to tell the Karen Group about resettling to Ireland and all about Irish culture. The group were very pleased to see her again.

Phaw Shee Taw, Mu Lay, Takaw Paw, Ann Marie

Failte Isteach was set up to help new comers to Ireland learn conversational english. There are many groups around the country, 16 in all. Many Karen never had the opportunity to learn english in Burma or in the refugee camps. This is because they lived in the jungle where there are no schools. Few people have money for study and education is not free. When we came to Ireland we studied for two years and now we understand a little more english. For the future we hope we can speak english very well. The befriending group help the Karen find the coversation class. All the tutors are very nice.

Phaw Shee Hta and Maggie Clarke

The Karen at the Failte Isteach event in Blanchardstown.

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