Our party for Gerry

Nay Sui
Fri 3rd July 09 11:25 am

On Friday the 19th of June 2009, we had a party for Gerry Mulerin. Gerry Mulherin is a community development worker and his role is the coordinator of the Mayo / Karen Integration project. The party was held for Gerry because he is finishing his work with the Karen people at the end of June.

The party started at 6:00 pm at the parish centre and we cooked many different kinds of food. Many Irish people joined the party also including the Castlebar befriending group and many of our teachers. Nay Sui, Ari moo and Brian played guitar with a little help from Thu Thu Aung. Thu Thu Aung is only two years old but he loves playing the guitar. We also had a group singing Karen songs. Phaw Shee Hta gave a lovely speech to Gerry thanking him for all his good work and kindness. After that everyone gave presents to Gerry and then Gerry gave a speech to our people. After the speeches we all enjoyed the food and talking to each other about many different things. San Nya gave a blessing to everyone. Phaw Shee Hta thanked everyone for coming to the party. We took many different group photos and everyone was very sad that Gerry is leaving. Our hope is that Gerry, will have good luck and a good life. We would like to thank everyone that came to the party and also pastor Cathal for giving us the parish centre for the evening.

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