First year in Castlebar

Saw Tun
Thu 18th June 09 10:35 pm

On the 30th December 2008 we celebrated our first year in Castlebar with a party at Castlebar Celtic different communities were invited along with students from Dublin University. We performed bamboo and Done dancing and music there was also Irish music and dancing. The food served was both Karen and Irish.

Usually 7 people (4 from Castlebar & 3 from Ballina) from the Karen community meet and discuss what problems we are having, what's happening and how to ask for any help.

We have discussions between the Karen and Irish people usually monthly and talk about how we are getting on and to arrange things for us like soccer matches.

My eldest son Saw goes to St. Patrick's school other Karen go to St. Angela's and Davitt College.

They seem to be getting on well. Other Karen Po Kweh, Gay Nay Shee and Than Than Cho have just finished a F.A.S computer course at the V.E.C. I have started a Local Training Course with F.A.S. along with other Karen Ta Kaw Paw, Nay Sui and Paw Shee Hta. Here I am improving my English, learning about Ireland and doing the e-Citizenship computer course.

In March 2009 we were provided with a garden to grow our own food.

My wife gave birth to a son on the 5th June 2008 the first Karen born in Ireland and we couldn't think of what to call him. Finally we decided to give him an Irish name because we are now living in Ireland. Somebody mentioned the name Oisin which we liked and that's how he got his name.

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