Our Life in Ireland

Phaw Shee Hta
Thu 18th June 09 10:18 am

My name is Phaw Shee Hta. I came from Burma with a group of friends. Now I live in Castlebar with my family and friends . I am here in Ireland nearly two years now. I am studying the English language and computers with my friends also. I am finding the English language difficult because English is not my own language, but I am improving at this and also with computers.I am so happy to be studying English and I am making new friends with the Irish people.They are helping us to integrate into the community. I have many friends at the Intercultural groups, and we learn English together. We make jewellery, we weave, crochet and knit,and we enjoy this work.

I went to the Museum of county life to display my traditional clothes. We made these at the Museum and I really enjoyed this. I would like to thank all my friends for all their help that they gave us. My  English is improving all the time.

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