My name is Dah Eh Moo

Dah Eh
Thu 20th August 09 10:49 am


My name is Dah Eh Moo, I'm 18 years old. I have three brother and three sister.  I'm from Burma  now i live in Ireland. I want to tell you my life in Ireland. Ireland is really nice county so i got my new life here in Ireland. I have been in Ireland 1 year and 11 month.

I like Ireland but i don't like the weather. I like school in Ireland so much but when i go to school first i can not speak English well so i can't tell about me. now i can speak English alitter bit so i want to write about me.  now i go to school in Davitt College.. when i write this letter i'm in 5th  year in Davitt College. now i have free time so i want to write so thing about me in Ireland. i will start shool at 2nd Septerber i will be L.C.A 6th year in Davitt College.

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