Do you know my country?

Poe Kweh
Sun 18th October 09 11:09 am

This is my lovely house in Mayo. I lived with my family. My neighbors are very quite well the place is very quiet and safety. I thought if my own country situation is like here everybody will be happy in their life. One day I hope my own country will be peacefully but how long we have to waiting. I knew a lot of people are trying to get freedom from whom controlling the country now. But I think not easy to get the peaceful from them. Because when I was young and till now I never see and get freedom in my life. I am 52 years old. Every times are terrible. So, I'm afraid of my country first I moved to Karen refugee camp and then moved to third country of Ireland. Do you know my country? My own country is Burma. Very beautiful country in the world in mind.

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